Good news from my friend!

She was pregnant!

So I decided to fly to France to see her and by the way, travel around in France.

Guess what, that would be my first time to see my friend in person!   It's a long story but to make it short, we've been pen friends since we were high school students.

Just happened that my other friend (ex-Deutsch classmate) who was working in Denmark wanted to go to Paris to visit her friend who was also pregnant.   No, her friend is an Italian while mine is French so they are not the same person.   ;-)   Anyway, we met up in Paris and toured around together for a few days.

My recommendation: listen to Yves Montand's Sous le ciel de Paris, my favourite French song by my favourite French singer, when you view this section.   :-)   My French pen friend sent his songs to me long time ago.   I am still in love with them.   I am actually listening to this song when I write this.   :-)

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