This was a very special Christmas.

I didn't know where to go during Christmas.   I just wanted to get away from Hong Kong and travel but couldn't think of a destination.

Suddenly, one day, I received two letters - one from ORBIS and another one from Hong Kong Christian Council.   In their newsletters, they invited their donors to have a site visit.   The ORBIS one went to Cambodia (max 8 people only) and the Hong Kong Christian Council one went to Yunnan.   I applied for both.

Well, obviously, I got rejected by ORBIS in the end.

So there I went to the remote areas in Yunnan to visit the primary schools and distribute Christmas presents to the school kids there.   Wasn't this what we are supposed to do during Christmas?

When the students thanked me, I just couldn't help myself from thinking, 'what have I done to deserve it?'

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